Great Wall Motors Car Touch Up Paint Models – Chipex Touch Up Paint

100% Colour Match Guaranteed Touch Up Kit
for your Great Wall Motors Car Touch Up Paint Models – Chipex.

  • En bättringsfärg som garanterat matchar alla bilmärken och modeller
  • Sömlösa, professionella resultat tack vare våra förstklassiga lösnings- och polermedel
  • Tydliga, enkla och användarvänliga instruktioner
  • Ett komplett set av tillbehör
  • Tre storlekar att välja mellan

These features make Chipex the best option on the market for tackling road rash. Try it now!

Great Wall Motors Touch Up Paint

Great Wall Motors Car Touch Up Paint Models – Chipex

Stone chips and minor bodywork scratches knock hundreds of pounds of the value of your GREAT WALL MOTORS. They also ruin the appearance of your car. So protect your GREAT WALL MOTORS value and keep it looking like new with the Chipex touch up paint repair system.

The Chipex system has been specially developed to work predominately on stone chips however it also works well on paint scratches. To ensure you get the perfect finish and paint match we have an easy to use, web based colour code lookup tool. Chipex comes in three sizes to ensure you get enough exact colour match paint to carry out your paint damage repairs.

All accessories you need are included so the price you pay will be the total cost of the repair. This saves the expensive of a visit to a professional paint repair specialist. Read our testimonials from our satisfied and impressed customers.

Chipex is a cost effective solution to restoring the paint damage caused to your GREAT WALL MOTORS CAR TOUCH UP PAINT MODELS – CHIPEX by everyday driving. We also offer a colour match guarantee. We get it right, or we replace it. So to get a superior finish compared to that of the conventional touch up paints, use Chipex Touch up Paint.

The problem of stone chips and road rash

How to apply the Chipex Great Wall Motors touch up paint

The roads habitually spit grit and loose stone chips at the bodywork of cars, causing a spray of paint scratches to form. This is called road rash.

What is Chipex Great Wall Motors Touch up Paint?

Chipex Great Wall Motors Touch up Paint is the road rash repair solution you’ve been waiting for.

Why is Chipex better than traditional methods?

  • Chipex offers a unique colour match guarantee – it promises paint that’s exactly matched with the colour code of your Great Wall Motors.
  • Standard inclusions are easy-to-follow instructions, all the accessories you need and ready-to-apply paint.
  • The flawless finish makes a full respray an expensive and unnecessary task.
  • Unlike repairs by professional paint scratch repair companies, you don’t need deep pockets to get a Chipex repair.

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Chipex Touch Up Paint Kit

A revolutionary car paint touch-up system that outperforms all other touch-up paints

Traditional Touch-up Paint Can Not Achieve a Repair as Simple and Seamless as This

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